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Using video to help leaders lead.

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What types of videos do we produce?

The videos that we produce come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing that that they all have in common is our secret ingredient. What’s the secret ingredient you ask? 

Don’t ask us [we’re a bit biased] , but our clients would be happy to tell you! 

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Video Production

We specialize in creating video content that converts. Our clients include nationally known non-profit organizations, small businesses [like us!] and enterprise businesses.

Post Production

Need your project edited? No problem. Our post production suite is equipped with industry standard tools. Our post production services include video editing and color grading.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes the best videos have no video in them at all! Our motion graphic designers will help you send your message using illustration, animated text, and sound.


Need to broadcast a company event or a fundraiser? Need to go live on social for your latest product marketing campaign? We've got you covered.

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Not to brag, but we aren't your run of the mill media house.


We believe that video production should be easy and accessible for every business.

We are located in Portland, OR and proudly provide our video production services to the Pacific Northwest. Located outside of the Pacific Northwest? Don’t worry, we love to travel!

We deliver final renders to our clients via Google Drive or Dropbox. Prefer to receive your completed video in another way? No problem! Just let us know. 

We make the review process easy. When you book a project with Leelo we will give you access to our project management portal. Within the project management portal you will be able to access your files, review progress on your project, and make frame by frame comments. 

At Leelo Video we know that you have deadlines to hit. We work with you to produce your video on your timeline.

We’ll be ready when you’re ready for your next video! When your project is completed we archive your footage and keep a copy of it for up to 24 months. 

Our Mac-based post house is equipped with industry standard software to include Adobe Creative Suite, Pro Tools, and DaVinci Resolve.

Need a video? We've got you covered.